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Is there a way to add a column anywhere but the end of a layer that I'm missing? In setting up the playback for a show the director has a habit of moving things around and deciding she wants to add elements/blackouts that weren't in the original plan, which currently means that I have to add a column to the end and then move every individual element (and its column setting) over by one- usually multiple times. 

So, if I'm just completely daft and missing how to do it could someone please clue me in? And if it isn't currently possible, could it please be added? Thanks!


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  • @Ashyukun

    Yes. If you go into edit mode on the board and click the gear icon at the top of a column, that menu allows you to add a new column either before or after the current one.
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  • Hello @Ashyukun,

    You can also move a column simply via drag-and-drop (be sure to edit the board, CMD+E).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you!!!! That makes things SO much easier! :D
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