Controlling Spyder FROM Millumin

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We are looking to control a Spyder X20 from Millumin via string command. The Spyder requires the a header followed by commands. There are null values that need to be included in the header. The documentation can be found at these two links:

We are able to see in the Spyder log files that the commands are being received, but Spyder is complaining about a bad header. Considering that null values are required, what is the exact syntax that we should be using?


  • Hello @michaelvoccola

    This functionality will be available in the next release. 
    To send special characters, you will have to use the syntax '[HEX_XX]'. 

    By waiting, we will send you a special version. 


  • @antoineM

    Using that syntax, is it possible to send these commands at all to spyder? Is `[HEX_00]` what we should be inserting into the string command?
  • Hello @michaelvoccola,

    Yes (to both questions).
    Be sure to use the intermediate version we sent you. Rollover the "i" icon in the property-view (on the right of Millumin's interface) to get more info about string formatting.

    Best. Philippe
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