GeForce and Quadro GPU

Hello ! Im new here and I would love to know if somewhere is a GPU support list for Millumin, and would love to know if the software gives a better performance on Quadro Based Architecture or CUDA Render. Thanks in advance


  • Hello @Azhrial,

    If you graphic card is correctly supported on your Mac, it will work with Millumin : since Nvidia released Quadro drivers for Sierra, it should be ok for the whole family.
    Then, the more the graphic card is powerful, the more Millumin will be performant.

    For info, Millumin does not use CUDA.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,
    which eGPU config would you recommand to display a steady 3 X1080p from a late 2016 Macbookpro (OS SIerra) ?
    Thanx in advance !
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    Hello @emericad,

    You can find many usable configurations on
    Also, we're running tests on the official eGPU kit. We hope to write a complete article as soon as possible.

    Best. Philippe
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    Oh, I have played on Nvidia graphics card and it is really great with Millumin too
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