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I have 2 Mac Pro computers. One Mac Pro is the show computer and the 2nd is the Backup computer.

Both Mac Pro are running Millumin V1.   If the 1st Mac Pro crashes, I want to have the ability to seamlessly switch the 3 projector outputs and the 2 Ethernet camera inputs to the 2nd (Backup) Mac Pro without stopping the show/ alerting the audience.

I've already tried (unsuccessfully) using three Spark D'fusers w/ TH2G and then a Datapath X4

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


  • You need to have something before each projector/display with at least two inputs and one output.

    For example, you could use a Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio feeding each projector/display. Connect the respective outputs of your Mac Pro’s to two of the inputs on each of the switchers. To trigger all the switchers to change source at the same time you could utilize a program like JustMacros.

    If you don’t need dissolve during the transition to backup and want would appreciate taking up less space/cost, you could also use an SDI router, like the Blackmagic Clean-Cut 20x20 (or similar). Create a preset for primary and backup inputs and you can cut between the two computers.
  • Your response was very helpful.  I'm looking at the Black Diamond CXPS which is a video matrix switcher that can be configured for up to 36 inputs and 36 simultaneous outputs.  It has the advantage of being a single unit.  The Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio would require 3 units if I read the specs correctly but it is less expensive than the Black Diamond CXPS.  I am looking to see other solutions to this problem that I might not have considered.  Thank you for your feedback.
  • the Blackmagic Clean-Cut 20x20 is cheaper than Black Diamond CXPS but it is in SDI... You have this :
  • Thanks for the tip.
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