Weird behaviour output on videowall

Hello, I'm finding a strange behaviour on Millumin when I output on a led video-wall.
I'm actually using a 336x336 video-wall matrix to output part of a 1920x1080 project.
I use a top left part of the Millumin stage to output on this screen, for a resolution of the led wall 336x336
The output from Millumin does not draw the first row of pixels on the top part of the screen. Those are not even lit on also if I outputt the full 1920x1080.
If I output just the desktop of the mac straight away, all the leds are working well, and I tested also full screen video from a video player.
It seems that the graphic engine from Millumin outputs slightly less than 1080. I tried also changing to custom sizes with no solution.
This problems occours with Millumin 1 and Millumin 2.
Any idea on how to address this issue?
Many thanks.


  • Hello @aigore,

    What is your version of Millumin V1 ? 1.74 ?
    What is your version of Millumin V2 ? 2.18.h ?

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Philippe
    Experienced this behavior in both versions you mentioned. Each of them updated.
  • For info, and after checking with aigore : Millumin V2 doesn't have the problem, only Millumin V1.
    So we updated Millumin V1 with such a fix (version 1.75 minimum).
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    I have the same issue. I'm using a 3x3 led video wall with 3640mm x 2052mm resolution. Will update my Millumin and see how it goes.
  • A friend had a problem a few weeks ago using V3, there was one pixel in the top right hand corner that wasn't showing. It was there when looking at desktop, not when millumin was running.
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