Media selection

Is there a way to select the media in a group?  

Not to compare but to illustrate...  

In Watchout you can lasso any number of elements, with keyframes, and move them to close a hole or insert other media.

Also,  with control E, in Watchout, you can select the media starting at the playhead position to the end of the timeline with keyframes.

I am currently working on a project that has over 200 elements in a single timeline.  Shift double clicking to select chunks,  double clicking and holding shift, in a little clunky especially if towards the start of the timeline.  

Is it in the works to be able to select media in a timeline,  not the dashboard, and create a separate timeline like the new feature for dashboard compositions?  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Hello @Trigg,

    We're thinking about double-clicking a segment to select all its related media/keyframes : would it ease your job ?

    We haven't plan to make a timeline from a timeline (a bit like "pre-compositions" in After Effects, I guess). Why not copying-pasting layers in another timeline ?

    Best. Philippe
  • The segment thing would be a big help.  

  • Hello @Trigg,

    Ok, this is ready for next update.
    We sent you an intermediate version.

    "Lasso" selection would be indeed very handy : it requires a lot of work, but we're really thinking about it in the long-term.

    Best. Philippe
  • Outstanding!  I do look forward to an eventual lasso function but I know ya'll have a lot on your plate.
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