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(excuse my english)
I have a problem with circuits in Millumin 2.18.h

I have connected my Lights to my computer with DMX device "UltraDMX Micro" (DMXKing)
In Millumin, the window "Manage device" shows me my DMX device with the green dot (meaning it's OK)
The DMX chanels of my lights are well assigned.
I have selected "DMX device" in the little window appearing when you click on the little gearing in the panel of each light.
I have checked in the "DMX Panel"/Monitor : I can control my light moving the #1, #2, #3 ...
I have grouped my lights in some Circuits.

Now, here is my problem :

When I come back to the Dashboard/Lights, I can definetly not control the intensity of my lights !
In the Panel "Circuit Sub Group" there is the name of my circuit and the intensity. That's all.
When I click and slide on the "100%" (as usual) nothing changes.
WHen I click on the "100%" to edit it and write 0%, The "0" stays but my lights are not turning off and when I select another Circuit and then come back to the first circuit, it is still at 100% !
I don't have any idea to fix this problem.
Does anyone have the same ?
Does anyone know the solution ?

Thank you for your answers ...

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    Hello @AntoineR,

    This is the expected behavior.
    Circuit is an advanced concept, to manage lights powered from the same electrical plug. This is not meant to be used to create groups. I guess you should not use it in your case.

    To create a group of lights, create a timeline : then add some keyframes and run the timeline from the dashboard. You can even control the intensity of the timeline, or use several timelines at the same time (Millumin uses HTP if the same light is present in different timelines : the highest DMX value is kept).

    We hope to release some proper tutorial soon.
    Best. Philippe
  • Thank You so much for your very clear answer. The hope reborns in me !
    I am going to test your solution.
    I first tried to use the timelines but it didn't work too. But I think I hadn't try enough longer. I'm going to try again.
  • So ... I removed all the circuits from my project and tried  to manage my lights in a Timeline but it still doesn't work.
    I must miss something.
    I still can control the lights from the DMX Panel/Monitor. RGB, OK.
    When I create a Keyframe it does not interfere with the lights. Nothing. Nada.
    What did I missed ?

    Another question : What is the maximum and the minimum values of the Keyframes ? 1.00 and 0.00 ?
  • Hello @AntoineR,

    In the timeline, can you animate the intensity of your light ?
    For example : the first keyframe at 0% and the second keyframe at 100%.

    Best. Philippe
  • No, I have created two keyframes exactly as you say  but when I play the timeline, my lights are staying desperately off.
    If you have a solution I would be so grateful.
    Otherwise I will come back to the previous version of Millumin and after my show I will retry ...
  • Hello @AntoineR,

    Please try the project attached : do you see the light changing in Millumin's interface ?
    If so, then add your USB DMX inside device-panel (CMD+K), and assign it to the light : replay the timeline, now, the light should change both in Millumin's interface and real life.

    For info and for now, you cannot animate color of a light (such as for LED PARs), only the intensity (since we're focused on managing traditional lights). But you could use pixel-mapping or a data-track to do so : please read this discussion for more information.

    Best. Philippe
    test timeline with light.millumin
  • YES the project youd sent to me works !
    But the light is a PAR and the keyframes change only chanel 1. So it lights only in red.
    And when I change the fixture selection in PAR LED RGB, it still not working.
    Now I must go, but this evening I'll try the pixel-mapping. I haven't thought about it and it seems to be a good idea !

    Thank you very very much for your help Philippe !
  • OK,
    I have tried the pixel-mapping but I need more time to be OK with it.
    I had a problem with the chanels. Whatever I do, my PAR LED Lights seem to take 5 chanels each. In the pixel-mapping I can only select 3 chanels by LED Light.
    I will not choose this solution ... Too late for me. I'll look at this later ...

    The solution I have found :
    As the control of the intensity of PAR lights works perfectly with the timeline, I have create 3 PAR lights (uses just 1 dmx chanel each).
    - Chanel 1 : RED
    - Chanel 2 : GREEN
    - Chanel 3 : BLUE
    So that I can control the 3 chanels of my each of my PAR LEDs light.
    It is not a very simple solution but it works. Fortunately I have "only" 6 PAR LED lights.
    Going back to work !
    Thanks Philippe !
  • Hello @AntoineR,

    Your LED PAR probably have channels not related to color. Be sure to read the DMX documentation of your LED PAR and see at which DMX channel the color is beginning : it could be the second or third DMX channel.

    Of course, the ideal solution would be to be able to create your own fixture : this is something we're thinking about, but nothing done yet. See this discussion.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you Philippe.

    I'll take a look to all of this.

    For now, I have to say to you that the control of lights in the Timeline is a very good idea !
    And having the possibility to put timelines in another timeline is again a better more idea !
    I have created my ambiances in some timelines (it was quite long because of my solution of separate the RED, the Green and the Blue)
    And I play with them in a new timeline. It works perfectly !

    I am not going to come back to the previous version of Millumin !
    I thank you again.

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