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I have a Millumin file created in version 2.18.g.

My second Millumin computer cannot open the file because the second computer is running 2.17.q.

However when I check for updates, on the second computer it reports that 2.17.q is currently the newest version available.

We are on-site and our backup cannot open the file. Guidance appreciated. Thank you.


  • Both computers claim to have the latest versions, but the version numbers do not match.
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    Hello @cmiav,

    Did you check "subscribe to beta" from Milumin's Preferences/Update ?
    Alternatively, you can download the beta directly from your account page (click "More versions").
    Or simply copy the application from one computer to the other.

    By the way, the beta will become soon the official version.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : if you need a quick answer, better to write us via email (this is luck that I saw your message)
  • Phillipe,
    I'm glad you caught my message, and thank you for your detailed guidance. I think we ended up on the beta track during some testing. Thank you for pointing that out.
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