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Hi all
New to the forums here, been using Millumin for a while.

I was looking at some new Millumin systems, but the current Apple line-up doesn't really make sense for dedicated media servers.
We own a couple of maxed out 2015 rMBP's and data paths, but I was looking for something more powerful, and perhaps not already four years old.

I was wondering if people are building purpose built hackintoshes for Millumin?
Stability seems like a big issue, although it does seem possible to get it right.
A search on these forums didn't turn up a dedicated hackintosh thread, maybe this could become one?

Anyone willing to share their experiences?


  • Hi

    I built an hackintosh recently and Millumin works very well (on Sierra), but I don't success to use all outputs of the graphic card (just 1 hdmi and 1 DVI). But I use an other hackintosh and we can use 1 HDMI for millumin and 3 displayport to VGA for 3 videoprojectors. If you choose a good graphic card, you can use all outputs for Millumin.

    (sorry for my english)
  • Hello @Loccufier,

    You can find a lot of working configuration on this website : https://www.tonymacx86.com

    Alternatively, you can try eGPU (external graphic card). It's probably easier to accomplish that the Hackintosh. See this website for working configurations : http://www.egpu.io

    Of course, both solutions aren't official ones, but some people are using them on a daily basis without any issue.
    Best. Philippe
  • I've used some on shows and they've always been ok. Had 4 outputs from gtx960s running, no issues. Actually needed another feed, so used the output from the blackmagic capture card.

    Currently looking into building a new system for myself, just waiting to figure out the component list.
  • Thx for the replies!

    I know all the good sources on the web for building hackintoshes, but was wondering about specific Millumin recommendations.
    For instance: Nvidea's GPU's are easier to get working in a hackintosh, but AMD would be more efficient because of their openCL support, right?

    My biggest fear is updates bricking the builds. I value reliability most, but the current hardware options Mac has just don't make a lot of sense. 
  • I'm working with hackintosh machines for quite a while.
    Can run up to 12x 1920x1200 outputs at 60fps using Datapath FX4s.

    But it is a very complex subject, you really need time to dig in the details.
    Too much to explain on this forum.

    PM me and I can give you at least some hints.


  • I have a solid hackintosh build including dual Nvidia 980ti GPUs. It works great but if I connect more than 2 external displays the frame rate on the Millumin output drops to 30fps. Anyone else have this problem? I'm hoping the new Nvidia driver update for mac fixes the problem but have not tested yet. I'm also upgrading to an Nvidia Titan Xp.
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    @jamesont that is a very strange issue. I use a GTX980 and have never had any problems. Try avoiding the DVI ports if you can - I get the best results using an HDMI for my monitor and the 3 DP for the projectors/LED controllers.

    Tonymac is a great resource and a good configuration is key for a working system.
    I DO NOT recommend the CPUs that have more than 4 cores, as the support is just not there.
    i7 6700K is probably the best bet for a CPU, and a motherboard like the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE.
    The 10xx series GPUs are not supported, so the GTX980Ti is the fastest you can get at the moment.
    Note that these cards work via the NVidia driver and are not natively supported in OSX.
    The fastest cards with a native support are the GTX780. Some early 780Ti cards are supported as well, but it is a chip lottery.
    I have to say that I regularly run 3 projectors at 1920x1200 with many layers and elements in alpha and get 60fps output. 
    GPU is very important, but a good CPU and fast RAM and fastest m2 drives are just as important.
    ALSO, the formats are super important - I get the best results rendering content in ProRes4444 or HAP. 
    Like @rolandino said, it is a complex subject and performance depends on the weakest link in your chain.
    It would be brilliant if we could maybe create a hackintosh topic with focus on performance.
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