Getting an always coherent screens configuration using 2 matrox tripleheads in a fixed installation

Hi there! Thanks for all the hard work & brilliance of the Millumin team to create this amazing software.

I'm using a Mac Pro black cylinder to run a fixed installation in a showroom with 6 projectors by using two Matrox Triple Heads to deliver the outputs. Millumin V2 works fine controlling & running the media smoothly. Millumin detects both cards & we already have selected the configuration of every desired output.

The thing that I have encountered to be problematic is the point that, being fixed & as 6 projectors must be manually powered up and down, sometimes, when the Mac Pro is powered up (all projectors already turned on) sometimes they take different configurations in defining the order of the tripleheads or resolutions, as the client must manually power it up, it is sometimes frustrating for them trying to setup again the desired outputs and leave everything OK to let the installation work the rest of the day. This happens on a daily basis so it takes a lot of effort to give support.

Do you know if there's a way to fix the outputs to their respective HDMIs that lead to the projectors? Any kind of software that runs on startup & checks the status of the outputs to always have a coherent configuration of the tripleheads? Or does it requiere a king of manual coding hack? We will greatly appreciate any suggestion or solution you may share with us & the community :) I believe this is something that will ease on the introduction of more Millumin based installations, ours rocks with it!


  • Hello @russildi,

    Millumin doesn't manage screens : everything is done through TripleHead's drivers and macOS's System Preferences ("Displays" tab). Depending on how the TripleHead is working, the order of the screens can be changed : and since they all have the same names, it's not possible for Millumin to understand which screen is which screen.
    I hope my explanations makes sense.

    From our experience, we used Millumin with 6 x 1080p60 screens with the new MacPro (the lowest model with a D300) : did you try not using a TripleHead ?

    Another solution could be to use EDID emulators, so macOS doesn't see the TripleHead, but rather a proper screen that he can easily identify (to maintain order of the screens).

    By the way, did you contact Matrox support to know if there is a solution for this product ?

    Best. Philippe
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    You could use an EDID manager between the projectors and the triple head. It would appear to the TH2GO that there is always a display connected, even if the displays/projector are powered off.

    I think putting the manager between the TH2GO and the Mac Pro might still result in the outputs getting swapped occasionally.
  • You would need an EDID manager for each projector. As long as they stay on, the configuration will not change. I have had the same issue in a fixed installation with 11 projectors and this was the best solution. I have used these: It will also lock the EDID on the exact reslution and refresh rate using the two screws.
    Hope that helps.
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