Save current state of a property does not work


Each time I want to save the current state of a value assigned to a property in a layer, the value is set to it's default value. In the layer menu, all properties (position, scale, rotation) are greyed out only opacity is editable? I did look it up in the tutorial, without a solution for now. Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hello @LivingSunday

    This is most likely because your layer is mapped on a surface. 
    When you are using a surface, the mapping is locked so you can't edit the position/rotation/scale rotation. 
    If you wan't to edit them, you can go to mapping and change the surface to "free mapping". 

    Beware that after this operation, this layer's mapping won't be updated if you edit the surface. 


  • Yes that did the trick!
    Thanks for the advice and a hands-on piece of software.
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