Your vote for future Vuo Support, as Quartz Composer dies!

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Dear Millumin Community,

with this thread I would like to stick on that Millumin remains the best software on the market. There is, in my opinion, nothing better at the moment, and I want it to remain so.

Take your user votes and choose for the Vuo support, so that Millumin remains the best software for us.

Because Quartz-Composer probably will have no further future and Apple does not support this environment properly, it is a visual programming environment, which will probably die.

For many, Vuo would probably be the best integration to continue experimenting in real time and to create interesting stage concepts.

I hope you are also my opinion and give the idea of Mark Ridder under the following link also your voice!


kind regards



  • Hello,
    I totally agree the need of compatibility with a tool to create effects. I will miss Quartz Composer too.

    But why Vuo ?
    What brings Vuo that Max/Jitter or Pure Data or Isadora or any other tools of this kind can't offer ??
    Vuo is very young and have far less users compared with the others..

    I don't want to argue, just to understand...

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    Hi Alain,

    I agree with you! Why not one of these tools.

    I just wanted to take the initiative, so we know in the future what we can get involved in and which tool we can specialize in.

    I do not want to deal with this or that tool if it is not possible to integrate. I use Millumin for events and use Quartz Composer for real-time visualization very intensively.

    I like your entry. It would be personally important for me if Quartz Composer has no future anymore, which tool would be important for us with Millumin.

    The reason for my intake was, there are already voices for Vuo and the concept makes me a good impression. The display quality of Vuo is very good. I do not know the other tools as it looks with it.

    Maybe this thread would be good to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these tools that you mentioned by people who already use these tools.

    By the way i would still find it good if many would make a vote for it that the Millumin team recognize our concern for this issue.



  • I agree with your idea of not wasting time learning an "useless" tool in this case.
    But we can't read the future, so it will happen... Remember what happened to DVD Studio Pro, Shake, legacy Final Cut Pro, now Quartz Composer... Hours spent to learn these tools... But it's not totally wasted time I think.

    I'm not a "real" coder, I just spent last four years learning visual programming tools. When I discovered Millumin I enjoyed
    the way Quartz Comps were handled for visual effects. It was an "easy" way to create our owns.
    Standards are always a better way I think. So the ISF way Philippe mentionned is promissing. But I fear it will be a more complex approach...

    But maybe Philippe could tell us more ?
    For instance, working with OpenGL and shaders seems to be the way to go now. But what about keep using visual programming tools like Vuo or Max ? They manage OpenGL and are easier to learn than hardcore coding...


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