Trigger "previous" column

Hi all,

I dee in the changeling for V 2.18d that there is now :

  • Interaction to launch the previous column

Might have missed this, but is it actually something that is assignable on the workspace, like the NEXT ARROW, or is it simply the hotkey combination of ALT+SPACE.

Nothing seems to jump out at me when I go into assigning within the INTERACTIONS window

Any pointers, gladly received




  • Ah.... There it is. Hidden away as an option when you have selected an interaction for the TRIGGER NEXT COLUMN


    Would anyone else feel this would be beneficial to have as 2 separate interactions?


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  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    Before updating to latest beta version (so outside "official" channel), you should have read a sentence such as "", at the top of the changelog.

    Since there is no "go to previous column" button (only "go to next column" button), this cannot be mapped directly.

    Best. Philippe
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