I downloaded v3.14 and tested Data Track in PJLink mode to drive the shutters of 2x PT RZ970.

It's working quite well, except : as the communication is closed after a while (isn't it?), when nothing happen in my show for a few minutes (it's a theater show, so...) some command are not working, even if they work normally when I just read the cues quickly with no break.

When I read it in its real tempo, sometimes it works sometimes not. 

For the "shutter open" command, I created an empty cue to call twice the link (one in that empty one, and then again, rewriting the command and address in the show cue), it's quite better, but not working at each time.

And for the "shutter close" command, it's not a solution obviously, because i'd need to close the shutter right after the effect... (the fade out is in the shutter mode of the beamer in that case, which is not a problem when there is no long time between the cues...)

Any solution?

As far as I know, with some softwares when you write the pjlink command to the beamer you can write a first call and right away, with a milliseconds delay the command you want...
Is Millumin doing that invisibly?  

If I don't have a solution for it to be stable, I'll have to switch to another solution to talk to my shutters, but that one would be great, because one of the easier... :)


  • Hello again, that second message to confirm :

    i rewrited all adresses for shutter close or open in my cues, ans checked all cues, everything was ok

    and then, playing the show in the real tempo, i lost several times the communication, with no pattern, and even with the control window of the pjlink, you need to click 2 or 3 times to have the right command.

    looking at the monitor, it seems that the track ask for the status once or twice instead of sending the command...?
  • Hello @Maïa,

    Unfortenatly, PJLink implementation really depends on the manufacturer : sometimes it's correctly implemented and working, sometimes it's not. It's out of our control.
    Also, in some region, especially in Europe, there are rules about power consumption, so the network card can go on standby.

    I sent you a special version of Millumin, polling your videoprojector on a regular basis, so the communication is continuously maintained. We've also open a ticket on our side to shed some light upon this issue : I'll comment on this post as soon as we got some more info.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello
    I have the same problem as Maïa.
    With a 
    Can you send me your modified version?
    Thank you
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    Hi, actually, last week I went through, I think, the exact same problem with a PT RZ 970. 
    I used Millumin v3.14a and 3 different panasonic VPs. 
    All 3 VPs were working ok at first, but then RZ 970 started to not answer the commands.
    When I checked millumin logs I realized this VP was answering "PJLINK ERR" most of the time.
    I didn't have time to investigate and end up putting aside the Pjlink automation (as it wasn't really necessary) and used "projector midi remote" manually as it seemed more reliable.
    I blamed the RZ 970 and moved on, but I wouldn't say for sure where the problem came from, v3.14a maybe ? Anyway, there's definitely something fishy there...

    @Maïa :  about the reliability of the PJlink communication. I believe (for Panasonic at least) the communication stays open just about 5min after a first command is sent. 
    My way, of using it, is : 30sec before I want it "open", I first send a redundant "close" in order to "wake up" the PJlink communication.  Then 30sec later I send the "open" command.
  • Hello @hyll,

    Millumin simply sends PJLink message, so it's very straighforward. However, depending on manufacturer, quality of PJLink implementation varies. Also, some restrictions (especially in Europe) force electronic equipment to save energy, so the network card of projector tends to go standby after a few minutes.

    Anyway, Maïa tested the special version of Millumin (polling your videoprojector on a regular basis, so the communication is continuously maintained). So far, everything is fine.
    Thus, we'll deploy this workaround (polling the videoprojector if using PJLink) in next update (3.14.b). Drop us an email if you want to get a intermediate version.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi, 
    I'm working with v3.14e.
    I believe the shutter communication works perfectly on Dashboard mode.
    However on Timeline mode, I have a lot of difficulties, the communication seems to be regularly lost ?! (working with a panasonic)
    What do you think ?
  • Hello @hyll,

    Indeed, the communication was only maintained continuously in the dashboard, not in timelines with PJLink data-track.
    Next beta (3.15.j) will fix this. I sent you an intermediate version.

    Best. Philippe
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