MacBook Pro Touch 2017 with Magnimage 780H

I have an event with 8 beamers 1920 x 1080 and I would like to use My MacBook Pro Touchabr 2017 with two Magnimage 780H.
Is there anyone used these type of setup ?
Waiting for your reply.
Many thanks.
Youssef D.


  • Hello @ucfshow,

    For now, we didn't have feedback with this particular hardware. We've been testing the MIG-F4 but not the 780H.
    You can also post your request in the Millumin Operators group (


  • Hello Antoine,

    I thank you so much for your reply.
    Are we able to use the MIG-F4 instead of the DataPath FX4.I have checked the Magnimage Website and they say that we can use for  7680 x 1080.
    Do you have a tutorial about this product.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Many thanks and best regards.
  • Hello @ufcshow,

    We are currently testing the MIG-F4. For now, it's recognised as a 4k screen by your computer and then you can select on wich quarter of the screen you want. (see attached screenshot).

    You can also select the output arrangement (4 screens side by side or 2*2), but that doesn't really matter when using Millumin because you are allowed to split the screen in the output section.



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    Hello, I am working with Magnimage for a long time, and also a loyal user of millumin. I am very sure that the Magnimage 780H is a very good device and can be used with confidence. The F4 is also quite good. Use the ios or Android app to modify the EDID of F4 to reach 7680 * 1080,F4 pc software can also.Magnimage will introduce more powerful hardware to work with millumin, which is now in beta. Maybe you can see it this year.

  • 780H is a Video processor/switcher which is majorly used with led sending cards to operate large led walls. It has multiple inputs like a seamless switcher.

    You can use it with millumin, Via dp cable u will be able to see a 4K output in the Millumin and it has 4 dvi outputs which u can use as outputs.

    But this will be a more expensive product than fx4 or mig-4.

    Datapath is better bcos of custom edid, hot backup, daisy chaining, easy to configure with application. Can be used also as a splitter

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