Duplicated timeline? Am I missing something?

I spot on Uservioice that duplicate timelines is completed but as I work on a show I want to duplicate a timeline but nothing happens.
Clicking on the timeline in the library view and then using cmd-D or the edit menu just does nothing.
I can duplicate layers in the dash or in time lines but not a timeline. This makes making a branch of a timeline quite time consuming and prone to errors on my end as I need to remake segments and durations.
I also often render timelines once everything comped so I only need to play a single clip and currently have to use the same comp with the original layers turned off which I assume makes the render kinda a waste of time.


  • Hello @lotech,

    You can find the "duplicate timeline" feature in the "Timeline" menubar.
    For info CMD+D is used to duplicate the selected objects : basically, it's a just doing CMD+C then CMD+V.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ah! I hadn't realised the Board menu changes to a Timeline menu option when you switched between them, In some ways it makes more sense to have both visible with one becoming unselectable depending on what area you're in.
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