How to start different media from serial stream

Hi There!

I try to run a project with an Arduino wich is supposed to start various media files on demand. Arduino works fine with Millumin - all needed values appear in the monitor. Basically I send numbers wich are supposed to start a media file or a column. At this point I got stuck: I can connect my numbers to columns but the "translation" does not work as I was hoping: Do I need to set up a toggle or a switch? I want (i.e.) let number 5 start column 5 (only!) and number 7 start column 7. If I learn the values in the interaction setup I get the Min and Max values as needed but how do I connect one specific value to a specific column?

Thanks in advance for your ideas!



  • Hello @redberlin,

    This isn't possible to start a different column, depending only on the value of the signal.
    However, you can easily do so with an application such as Chataigne. We wrote about it on this post.

    Best. Philippe
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