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Is it possible to have several masks on a single layer? I have a difficult shape to create with some circles and round shapes and it would be really easier to create separate masks and then merge them to have one single large mask.

Second question: I created a mask on another project. When I use this mask with 2 medias with different resolutions (the first one is a movie 1280x720 and the second one is a picture 2048x768), the result is totally different. One solution would be to have same resolution on every medias... but is there any other way to secure a mask and then load any media without changing the shape?

Thanks a lot. Great software by the way



  • Hello again,

    another issue with masks: I designed 2 masks on 2 different layers. Same video in 720p are played at the same time. In a second column, I use the same masks and play a new video, this one in 1080p. The video on the left perfectly match the mask. The second video on the right has moved and I have to change the position of the mask... any idea?



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    Hello Paulg,

    Multimask is coming in the next beta :)
    Yes, it'll make the thing a lot more easier !

    It's normal that's the mask is resized everytime you switch to a media with a different resolution : again, in the beta, this behavior will be changed, so the mask always stays in place.

    By the way, you could create a "Fill layer" on top of the other layers, and add a mask on it, to create a cache.

    Best. Philippe
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