Datapath FX4

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has anybody the new Datapath FX4 already in his hands?
Can someone already report experiences?

kind regards



  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    This device is not released yet. SO it'd be hard to get more infor for the moment.
    We're in touch with Datapath to know if we could get a device to test.

    Best. Philippe
  • Looking forward to getting one. The X4 has been great but the limitations of DVI started to become apparent. 
  • Sitting next to 2 of them right now.  Second batch.  Should be able to get them now, but my understanding is that they are flying off the shelf. 
  • Did you have any issues with them being recognized? We have 4 of them and while they are recognized on a macbook pro retina laptop they are not showing up on our 8core trash cans with the AMD 700's?
  • Hello @JasonR,

    We tested the FX4 on a MacBookPro Retina 2015 and on a MacPro D300, and the device is correctly recognized via HDMI input (4K & 30hz as expected).
    But no luck on any machine via display-port input (should be 4K @ 60hz), not even recognized by OSX.

    We wrote a message to Datapath support, and we hope to get a reply soon.
    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @JasonR,

    Datapath quickly replied us, and they are working on a fix for the display-port (apparently the norm is different for Mac).
    Anyway, it should come soon, probably next week.

    Best. Philippe
  • I just tested the FX4/H and the HDMI input works well at 60fps if you use the Belkin Mini-DP -> HDMI adaptator.
    You just have to be sure that you use a HDMI 2.0 cable.

    Some miniDP -> HDMI adaptators does not work, I bought some in Paris and it's just not working. Belkin from apple store are working smoothly !
  • Sounds like you need an active mDP->HDMI adaptor. This is all good to know as our one is on its way.
    Also just ordered one of these as it takes a 4KP60 and cuts it into 4 quads of SDI. Not as fully featured as a FX4 but possibly just as good.
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    Firmware update just released this week fixes the problem with the MacPro trash cans and Fx4. 4k@60hz now working from mini DP to DP. We own the DP and HDMI models. Everything working as it should on both models. Even connected two of them for 8 outputs.
  • One more thing would be cool:
    you can program the input EDID of the FX4 to 3840x2400, e.g. if you want to drive four Panasonic WUXGA projectors full panel.
    But you don't have the four "split" displays (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4) in the output setup with this resolution.
    Maybe you can add this.
  • Hello @rolandino,

    This will come in next update.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @jamesont. I try to connect MacPro trash can with FX4 through DisplayPort but OSX does not detect the datapath. I tried two different miniDP-DP cables, but it still does not work. Did you change any settings in the datapath input before getting it to work?
    I will appreciate any tips or recommendations.



    PS : In my previous post on this thread I was thinking that fx4 has HDMI 2.0 input, but it does not :-(
  • Hello @deuzair,

    Be sure to install the lastest firmware, the made a fix for Mac (see posts above). So far, all the FX4 owners we know, have been able to use the device at 4K/60fps since then.
    If the problem persists, you should contact Datapath support.

    Best. Philippe
  • My setup works well.
    When doing FX4 Upgrade, don't forget to update Firmare and update Flash too !!


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    Good kind of gear. I bought it and used it for some shows.
    Used someone already three FX4 on one mac pro late 2013?
    Officially, it means, the MacPro can operate three 4k screens.

    kind regards

  • help me!
    I have Datapath Fx4 + Macbookpro Retina 2015.
    How to use Datapath Fx4.
    Thank so much!
  • Hello @speedteamvn,

    You just have to plug in your FX4 : it will be recognized as a 4K screen by your computer. Then you can use it in Millumin.
    Known issues are all addressed in the other messages above. If the problem persists, be sure to contact Datapath to get a proper answer (your hardware may have a problem).

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi peixotodavi,

    With which total resolution and with how many outputs did you drive with the two fx4?
    I want to buy a second fx4 and drive a led wall with eight outputs with 1920 x 1080 p60 with the trashcan.
    Should actually play in my eyes. Then just connect a normal monitor for the desktop.
    By the way, the picture shows the x4 in my eyes. The x4 can handle only 30fps.


  • Hello CitizenCaine
    In this project I used 8 output 1920x1080 p60 output x4
    In the output mac 2 output of 3840x2160 30p
    the video was 15360x768 rotating led panel
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