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Hello there,

I'm on a MacBook Pro with 4GB ram and a 2.4ghz core 2 duo. I'm outputting via a dualhead2go into an Optoma PK320 pico projector, using h.264s as a test initially.

The video plays back fine in Millumin, but the output on the projector is lagging and dropping frames. 

Is this an issue with the Pico Projector, or with the processor-heavy video codec I'm using? I'd assume that if it plays fine in millumin it should play fine via the projector?

Many thanks,



  • Hello @TwoJamies,

    I assume you got this MacBookPro from 2008
    The graphic card isn't very powerful, but you should be able to run dual screen.
    Please do this :
    • disable antialiasing (Preferences)
    • disable 64 bits mode, unless you run Mountain Lion
    • use "Disable workspace" (menubar "Output")
    • be sure you use the GeForce 9600M GT : download gfxCardStatus
    • be sure your drive is fast enough to read your files
    • convert your video to Photo-JPEG codec : DON'T USE H264 !

    I don't know your global resolution, but maybe it is too big for your graphic card : it has only 256 Mo for the video memory. Try reducing the resolution.

    Tell me if it helps.
    Best. Philippe

  • Many thanks for your quick reply Philippe - PhotoJPEG has fixed the issue. 

    Had no idea that the graphics card would prove to be the bottleneck. Shows how much I know!

  • hello Philippe, 

    any softwares you recommend for video conversion from h264 - photojpeg format ??

  • Hello @Arveen,

    Millumin will do it for you if you click on "Optimize" (top-left corner).

    Best. Philippe
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