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Hey Philippe

Again. Thanks for a great product.
We use Millumin for permanent installations and need to automate as much as possible.
Could you imagine making Millumin launchable with parameters from the terminal?

To be specifik. We would love to be able to launch in fullscreen ;-)
An alternative would be to remove the warning dialogue when going fullscreen on primary display.

Best regards

Kasper / Obscura ApS


  • Hello @CosmicZ,

    In version 1.26 (beta), there isn't warning dialogue any more, when switching to fullscreen on primary display (the menubar is satying, in case you want to switch back and you don't remember the shortcut, but you can also remove it from the Preferences).

    I don't think I'll add parameters for Terminal, as there is OSC messages that can control fullscreen, open project, quit, ... Please have a look here, and tell me if it is doing what you are looking for.

    Best. Philippe
  • Perfect... This is so cool. Exactly what we needed.
    I'm aware that we are using Millumin for wierd purposes ;-)

    Best. Kasper
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