Problems with fiber optic cables

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Hi at all,

i had the following problems two days ago:

For use came a Mac Pro with a Triplehead2Go and some active DisplayPort to DVI adapters from ATI and a passive DisplayPort to DVI adapter from Apple. So far so good. With me in the studio all played flawlessly. (Of course, no fiber optic, DVI with normal cables)

As fiber optic cable following was used:
The problem was that I could not send any signal to the projectors and preview monitors on the stage via the active and passive adapters nor with the Triplehead2 Go via that fiber optic cable. The MacPro and the Triplehead2Go had never identified a projector or monitor with this cable connected.

In my view, the adapters and also the Triplehead2Go should send the EDID data without the use of additional equipment via the fiber optic cable.

I always have a Lightware crosspoint for such problems with this and also helped. In this case, I have put all the outputs of the passive or active adapter and the Triplehead2Go on the inputs of the crosspoint. I have connected the transmitter of the fiber optic cable to the outputs of the crosspoint. I would use my Inputs and Outputs of the crosspoint rather for otherthings than for bug fixes.

Anyway, maybe someone knows the reason of this kind of problem, why such a fiber optic cable does not work directly on the adapters or the TripleHead2Go connected?

Another question would be, does someone has the Datapath X4 directly operated with such cables and gained some experience? Then I would buy this box immediately.

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  • Dear CitizenCaine,
    the problem is that the EDID Handshake between the graphic card and the monitor or projector doesn´t work.
    The problem is not the Computer(Adapter etc.) or the display, it's the cable. The computer receives the EDID from the Monitor over the Cable. The Kramer Cable uses for the HDCP and EDID Handshake a copper cable and sometimes this cable is damaged and so the graphic card doesn´t receive the EDID. I often have the same problem with these cables and the best solution is what you wrote to use a dvi matrix  or a EDID-Manager. Have you used the external +5V adapter that you plug into the connector?
    Orange is the new green ;)
    best wishes lars
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    Hi Lars,

    thanks for your response.

    Strange was also just that I used four of these cables and none of these cables worked without EDID management. So therefore I was able to rule out a defective cable. Yes, i used that +5V adapter on the receiving end. I had tried this adapter also on the transmitter side. Normally, the adapter should be used at the receiving end.

    Unfortunately, the customer was a Neutric Opticalcon cable with Lightware transmitter and receiver too expensive. With that, it definitely works.

    Which cable in this category of small firmly connected transmitters and receivers could you recommend?

    But I still do not understand why as you wrote, the EDID handshake was not working? A Mystery.

    kind regards


  • Dear CitizenCaine
    here a better explanation about EDID:
    (sorry for the commercial)
    The kramer cables are okay with an EDID Manager or a Matrix.
    best wishes

  • Thanks Lars,

    I had the Spatz website also completely forgotten as an information page.

    kind regards

  • Hello CitizenCaine,
    A few of these fix all problems if you have to use fibre optic cables.
    If your resolutions are up to 1920x1080 (not 1920x1200 mind), and 100 meters is long enough,I MUCH, MUCH prefer to use the HDSDI over a cheap 75Ohm cable with with BNC connectors.
    I use these cheap adapters from Amazon (40€ each):
    I know the fibre is the "best and greatest", but I have constantly had problems with cables being too sensitive, senders and receivers being iffy about the EDID, and I really use the best stuff from Lightware, Tvone etc. 
    If you are planning to buy your own cabling and converters, go for these cheap HDSDI and BNC cables of 30 meters.
    These converters do not do color space conversion, so if you are planning to use them to plug in a laptop or a switcher into a Blackmagic card, better get one of the BMD battery converters for than. This is simply to send your outputs to the projectors.
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