Draw live during show

Hello everybody.

I need to draw something into a live input and/or movie during the show.
For that I want to use a Wacom tablet display.

Any idea anybody how to solve?
Maybe via Quartz effect or something like that?



  • Hi @rolandino

    There are many way tu draw into Millumin and it depends on what you want to do exactly (types of brush, number of tools, colours...) 

    - You could use a Quartz patch and use the Quartz tool in Millumin to draw onto the movie. 
    - I suggest you to give a try to tag tool and use it live via Syphon. 
    - You could capture your drawing app with  ScreenSyphonCapture or Syphoner.

    Antoine M*

  • Hi again,

    the problem is, I need to see the live input/movie on the Wacom display.

    We got Tagtool, but it is for IOS only, isn't it?
    And how do I see my live input coming from Blackmagic device or the movie in the Tagtool app (as background)?

    So maybe a Quartz patch is the way to go...


  • Hello @rolandino,

    Yes, you could create a Quartz patch with a Syphon output, so Millumin could get it.
    You will find a lot of examples there.

    Best. Philippe
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