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During rehearsals, there are times when it's necessary to stop the execution of the cue being played, but when the cues have selected the "Advanced Transition" option, and we have to stop, pressing the "stop button", this doesn't stop immediately, but it stops at the time scheduled fade out. Is there any way to stop without having to wait for it to run this time?

Thank You.


  • Hello @CLCH

    I see two solutions at your problem : 

    - You can set a transition for every clip in the dashboard. To do so, add a transition to each media and deactivate the layer automatic transition. 

    - If you want to keep the automatic transition in the layer, you could add a media just after your last column and set his alpha to -1. For that add a "color adjustment effect" to the media and set alpha to -1.

    Antoine M*
  • Hello CLCH and Antoine,

    I agree with CLCH, triggering a stop button will stop at the time schedule fade out, even if we are using time for media (not only for layer). And it's not very useful in rehearsal situation.

    The best solution i guess would be a transition time by column. More logical for me, but... it's a long discussion :-)

    The best solution is actually the black out button (you can adress it in midi). It didn't stop the media, but, it can help when you have to fade out quickly).


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