[Test] Chassis with PocketCam + GoPro + screen

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Hello all,

With @bart, we tested the following configuration :
- 1  x  MacBookPro Late 2011 (with only one Thunderbolt port, version 1)
- 1  x  Sonnet chassis (Echo Express SE II)
- 2  x  DeckLink Mini Recorder (drivers 10.3.2)
- 1  x  Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (at 1080p25)
- 1  x  GoPro (at 1080p25)
- 1  x  1080p60 screen

On single Thunderbolt port (not three) : we were able to capture two 1080p feeds, while daisy-chaining the chassis with a 1080p screen.
Here are the latency results :
- about 4 frames for the Pocket Camera
- about 9 frames for the GoPro

Of course, it worked very well with Millumin. We hope these informations will help you.
Best. Philippe



  • Thats sound great.

    Is it possible with this sonnet chassis to have a camera and a videoprojector one the same thunderbolt ?

  • Hahem...
     speak to fast....

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