Two screens with different resolutions

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I need to drive two projections:
one 1920x1080 and the other 1024x768.

What's the best way to do it?
- is it possible with the shift function in the output preferences?
- or better use two instances of Millumin?



  • Hello @rolandino,

    Unfortenatly, it's not possible to use different ratio in Millumin. We're working on it, but it won't come in the next weeks. Sorry.
    You need to use 2 separate instances of Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • This quirk has caught me out quite often and would be great to be included in the future.
  • Hello @rolandino,
    (sorry for my english, i'm french)
    You can do this but it's not official.
    In output setup :
    Output : 2048x768
    Multiscreen : 2
    Transform : use corners correction to extend the image on the 1920x1080 screen (-167px top left, etc...)
    Perhaps it's better to use 1920x1080 on the two screens and use it for 1024x768.
  • Hello @rolandino,
    Have you tried the method I described ?
  • This is probably one of my strongest wishes for Millumin right now..
    I very regularly have to deal with different projectors simultaneously. 

    For example - am currently preparing animations for a 3 screen set-up - 
    1 x 1080P 16:9 on mainstage - and 2 x 1024x768 projectors mapped onto shapes on the side of the stage...

    .. exactly the sort of scenario where I'd love to be able to easily the Millumin workflow and easily switch + adjust pre-sets

    I could try faking it - but then i'd be either using 3 x 1080P screens (which'd make the mapping messier) - or 3 x 1024 screens, which would lose resolution on the mainscreen... 

    Any other solutions currently possible? 
  • Hello @Manouche35,

    I tried something with the corner correction, but it was a bit weird, so I used two instances and it worked.
  • Hello @rolandino

    I try with little resolution and not good videoprojector, so I don't see if it was weird...
  • Hi @rolandino + @manouche35 - have either of you used midi presets with multiple instances of Millumin? 

    I won't get a chance to try until the weekend - but am wondering if there's any problems / complications triggering 2 x Millumin instances via midi (from midi in VDMX in my case)... 

  • Nope, I did not try that yet, sorry...
  • Hello
    I start a new project for theater; and I would know if it's possible to plug 3 beamers on the Macbook, 2 on minidisplay  and one on the hdmi with an adapter to dvi or vga
    Also one of them work only in 1024.
  • Hello @kuper,

    Yes, it's possible : please see this test with 4 fullHD displays on a single MacBookPro Retina.
    However, displays must have the same resolution, or at least the same ratio. Of course, we're working on managing displays with different resolutions, but we got no release date.

    Best. Philippe
  • This feature, or lack of, keeps biting me. 

    At the moment we're working on an event where I need 6x 1080 outputs - which is made of 2x 5760px wide edge blended screens, we have access to Datapaths and TH2Go's. Unfortunately both give very different aspect ratio monitors to the computer - the TH2Go does one long screen but the Datapath is 'limited' to a 4096x4096 canvas size, and thus needs to have sliced and stacked output to get something similar. Both are fine to deal with but mixing the two make it impossible to manage.

    It would be great if you could at least approach the outputs similar to MadMappers where you choose where your projectors/outputs are on the canvas allowing for overlaps or, if you have a lower resolution projector place its native resolution somewhere in the project space thats relevant.
    If we could do this then I would only need to make a large canvas and then place the outputs in correct locations on the workspace.

    And just to clarify - we would use 2x TH2Go's but unfortunately they are limited to 60Hz on OS-X and as this is going to television in a PAL country so I'm concerned of flickering issues on the broadcast. Also the TH2Go's ability to send SDI friendly output makes them far from ideal we need to send the signal from FOH to Stage....

    I'd also use more Datapaths but there are only 2 in the country, ours and another one.

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