Best way to move a Millu Project from one computer to another?

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Hi !

I have a big project, with lot of media, to move from my computer to another one.
Actually, when i re open the project on the second computer, all link are broken.

I've try to collect files, but actually its not the best things to do for me, because it doesnt keep my folder's setup (i've around 700 different media, sorted by thematic). All my media are in the same folder /sub folder

Is there a simple way to change the media's folder path ?

Thanks !


  • Hello @benjamin,

    Yes, when you move your files on a new drive, the links to the files are broken in the project.
    However, when Millumin opens a project : for every file that cannot be found at the expected location, he looks for a media with the same name (in the subfolders of the MILLU project).

    Despite the feature "Collect project files" is the best solution, you could move your files manually to the new location, while keeping them in the same folder/subfolders. Then move the MILLU project in the top folder, and opens it with Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Phillipe for this tip !
    Its working great now.

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