8 channel audio card recommendations

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I am looking for an 8 channel audio interface/card to use for a musical with millumin that preferably can wok in 64 bit mode.

What are Your recommendations and experiences?

(Motu?, Focusrite?, another brand? )



  • I have a MOTU ultralite, had it for years, never any problem.
    I heard bad things about MOTU as well though. 
    I also toured with RME and Focus rite., never any problem either.
    Go for the highest spec you can afford I would say...

  • Ok thanks.
    And is it fairly easy to make work with millumin?
  • I mean, adding a quickitme with up to 8 audio tracks (I have better experience with using quicktime with audio only than i.e. a wav file i millumin) plays out fine?
  • Beware that maybe you should work Millumin in 32 bit mode so it can be detected by Millumin.

    Motu works fine.
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