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My projector is positioned on the side and this gives two images in portrait format. So I have to make a Softage with the bottom of the left image and with the top of the right image. I do not find how to do in milumine.

SOMEBODY can help me?


  • Although it's not included yet, there is a workaround that you can find here:
  • Thanks for your answer vbaudron. Do you speak french?

    This solution does not work for my project I think. Because I have to use the full resolution of my projectors. I have no choice, otherwise I do not have a big enough picture. In the method that is explained I will make a portrait in a landscape format. No?
  • I need to physically turn the projectors and not turn 90 ° in the software

  • Dear @peppinoline,

    Indeed, I do speak French, but the rules are the rules, this forum is english only ;-)
    Regarding your project, I think you might reconsider your installation, because using full res for blending images is very poor in terms of efficiency. That's why we call this setup "edge-blending", with which you build one full image out of the 2 signals.
    If you just want to put 2 different images from 2 projectors side by side, even if they're physically turned by 90°, you won't need the edge-blending function.
    This might work for you:
    - In "System Preferences">"Monitors", select the "Display" tabs of 2 the external monitors and rotate them using the "Rotation" option ( This way, it will be easier for you to configure your setup.
    - In "Millumin">"Output", choose a custom resolution of 2160x1920, and in the "Multiscreen" tab, select your 2 external monitors as screens.
    Let my know if it suits you.
  • Dear vbaudron,

    I know all that. I think if I explain the project you will understand the constraints. 

    So for a theater production I have a screen of 9m Large about 5m hight. I do not have enough back to make the rear projection. And not enough space in front to take the whole screen without projecting on decorating which is a bit more forward. My only solution is to put two projectors in portrait and make a Softage between the bottom of the left projection and the top of the right projection.

    So at the end I will have one picture on one screen but with two projectors.

    Maybe I can call you for more collaboration?
  • Regarding you setup, I assume the configuration I described should do exactly what you need, you just have to setup the edge-blending by the normal way.
    I didn't test it yet, but there is no reason it wouldn't work.
    If you have further questions do not hesitate to send me a private message ;-)
  • Hello @peppinoline,

    Yes, @vbaudron is right : you wanna do standard horizontal soft-edge (your outputs are aligned horizontally).
    But as you physically turned your videoprojectors, you should also do it in OSX System Preferences : so Millumin could see your outputs as 2 x 1080x1920 displays (instead of 2 x 1920x1080).
    In brief : go to OSX System Preferences, then select each display and change the "rotation" to "90°".

    For the rest, you can follow this tutorial for edge-blending.

    Best. Philippe
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