computer upgrade and activation

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Hello Philippe,

I'm using millumin in two mac mini right now, so my activation state is out of 2.
I have 2 questions.
First, I want to change the booting disk(hard drive to ssd)
If I change the hard drive Is it possible to re-install and ready to use?(re-install in same computer)

and second, is it possible to change the computer??(deactivate and re-install in different computer)
I have retina mac book pro and I want to use millumin in notebook.(for live performance)
When I start to use millumin, I thought if I maintain the count of out 2, I could limitlessly activate and deactivate the software in different computer. 
but It seems It's not possible.

Regards, Sangmi


  • Hello @sangmi12,

    Yes, you can move an activation to another : simply deactivate a computer, and activate another one. More info on this post.
    If you change your drive, please deactivate Millumin before.

    Best. Philippe
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