Bug with Decklink inputs

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I got a strange bug when using Decklink SDI input:

Simple setup: one layer in dashboard, two columns, same Decklink input in both cells.
When switching between the columns, there is a short loss of sync, output is getting black for half a second.

But when I create a second layer and put the same Decklink input in the two cells of the second layer as well (additionally to the first layer):
everything is fine!

Exactly the same issue with HDMI input from Intesity Pro.



  • Hello @rolandino,

    This is not a bug : Millumin automatically stops the Blackmagic device when not used. So as soon as you go to the next column, Millumin stops then restarts the Blackmagic device. So the short black frame.

    Indeed, a solution consists in having a Blackmagic instance in an hidden layer.
    However we have planned to add an option "keep it hot" for the Blackmagic devices : you can vote for this idea.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi - has there been any progress on this "KEEP IT HOT" function?

    Many thanks

  • Hello @scaryxpuppy and @rolandino,

    This will come in the next update. No exact release date to give you, but it should be in the next weeks.

    Best. Philippe
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