How to Comeback to first cue in Dash board?

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Hi everyone and Philippe, 

I'm working on an permanent installation project 
and I can't find how to loop itself (not talking effect - infinite loop), 
I mean If I dropped to several videos to dashboard cue 1 to cue 7 and I want to come back to cue 1, so it can loop media all day long
is it possible?  


  • Hello @sangmi12,

    This is the behavior of Millumin : when reaching the end of the board (last column), it goes back to the beginning (first column).
    I guess you need to remove all your empty columns (starting from column-8). To do so, click in the menubar on "Board" then "Remove empty columns".

    Best. Philippe
  • Oh I didn't know that
    Thank you Philippe 

    Regards, Sangmi
  • I like that behaviour. Very smart.
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