BMD Decklink Quad SDI I/O

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Using a BMD Decklink Quad, when running Millumin it seems that no matter what I do, I just get a mirror image of the SDI input on the SDI output. I cannot choose to send an output of Millumin to one of these outputs

I have a project where I am wanting to take in two cameras by SDI, use Millumin to mix and also overlay other information and then send SDI output from Millumin via SDI.

Has anyone successfully operated a Decklink card in full duplex mode?




  • More information - appears that Decklink Quad only has 4 framebuffers, so you can only do two full-duplex channels, in other words, 2 in and 2 out independently.

    However I think maybe Millumin is querying the card for inputs and so automatically grabs all four as inputs, then the outputs are unavailable.

  • From BMD note:

    Can I ingest and playout at the same time with the Quad?
    The DeckLink Quad is basically four DeckLink SDI devices on a single card sharing a genlock. DeckLink
    devices are half duplex, they can capture or render, however they cannot do both operations
    simultaneously. Therefore on a Quad card, you could do 4 x capture OR 4 x playback, or
    combinations such as 2 x capture and 2 x playback etc.
  • Thank you for this info.
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