powerpoint / keynote output into millumin

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would like to know if someone knows a way to route ppt or keynote into millumin.


  • try going through syphoner.
    it shows up as an input in Millumin.


  • thanks buddy.. works but has to be cropped as per the size to match the exact ppt that i want to display via syphon.

    alternately I've achieved success via Qlab.

  • Hello @Arveen,

    You can crop the Syphoner input with the "Soft crop" effect.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello @philippe,

    i tried using syphoner but the clarity of the presentation is not there.
    is there something wrong that i might be doing.
    ive tried both the methods soft cropping in the syphoner as well as adjusting the size in millumin directly.
    both have bad viewing quality.
  • Hello @Arveen,

    I don't understand : the problem is the quality of the capture from Syphoner ?
    The crop has nothing to do with quality : it just "cut" the image. If your PPT is displayed in a low resolution, the quality will still be very low as well.
    You should run Keynote or PowerPoint in a virtual machine, then use Syphoner to capture the whole virtual machine.
    If you have a second computer, you may also test with TCPSyphon.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @Arveen,
    We are using an external switcher into an HDSDI input of the Deck link duo.
    At the moment it is the best way, think ofnit as a front end for Millumin, plus you can have diferent machines hooked up as clients always want to change sometyhing 2 minutes before they go on stage.
    Extron has just released a 4(or 6) input half rack unit that will take all your VGA/HDMI laptops and it's about 600$.
    Syphoning has not worked out for us yet for powerpoints/keynotes/prezis but works great for other things.
    Also keeps the clients away from your millumachine.
    Hope this helps,
  • @alenmecan, what is the reference of the extron rack unit please ?

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    Hi @renaud ;
    is as cheap as it gets, and you get 2 VGA(RGBHV) and 4 HDMI inputs for laptops etc. 
    You can use a cheap HDMI capture card like Intensity pro to capture this to Millumin.
    Please take note that I have not tried this particular combination, and that the Extron will need to be able to output YUV for the Intensity to capture it-check with them first.
    Also, XGA resolution is not something commonly supported by the capture cards. I have found best results outputting 1920x1080 at 30 frames per second (switcher to capture card).
    Other resolutions offered by the DeckLink Duo we use are 1080p 24, 25 &30, 720p 24, 25, 30, 50 & 60 which is all quite common for broadcast world where these cards are coming from.
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    Hi, just a quick update, as I have talked to Extron.
    The MPS-601 will not work that well as it has no built in scaler.
    Therefore, you will always get the output identical to the used input.
    With Blackmagic cards you always need to have the pre-selected format (ideally 1080p 30fps).
    They have sent me a list of recommended devices (all are pricier than the MPS);

    DSC 301



     DVS 605

  • Also, get the Decklink Studio 4K, it can capture RGB colorspace and 1080p 50 and 60.
    I have also drifted away from Extron for this purpose, the most cost effective switcher for live events in my opinion is the Kramer VP-437N. You get 2 HDMI and 1 VGA input for your laptops, HDMI out for the Decklink Studio and 2 analogue outs for your speaker preview or what have you. That should have everything covered and no compromises are needed.
    You still have the decklink SDI ins for your cameras or a video switcher.

    Hope this helps.
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