DVI to HD SDI Problem with Extron MGP 464 DI and Blackmagic DeckLink Duo

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Hello everyone, 
I was wondering if someone might be able to offer some advice on the problem I am having. I am using a Blackmagic Decklink Duo card to output to multiple displays for live events and everything is great. 
I capture external sources like Sony X3 via HDSDI and can connect a single DVI source through the Blackmagic DVI extender. I want to use the Extron MGP 464 DI switcher to add more sources through the DVI extender, as the Extron has a DVI output. The Extron is a great switcher/scaler and works great on its own, but I have been unable to make it work through the DVI extender. 
If I connect any other source to the DVI converter, it will work perfectly, as long as I feed it one of the resolutions and refresh rates the Decklink Duo supports (720p 50/60 1080p 24/25/50/60 or just PAL or NTSC). I have tried laptops, PS3, DVD players etc, all are fine. Extron also outputs almost any resolutions you can imagine through its DVI main output and works perfectly with plasmas, monitors, projectors etc... Why can I not get them to talk to eachother? 
I have tried all resolutions and refresh rates, many different DVI cables and still no luck. I would be very, very grateful if anyone has any further ideas as to what else I could try. 
Here are the links for the equipment mentioned; 
Blackmagic DVI extender:http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/dviextender 
Thanks in advance everyone!


  • Dear @alenmecan,
    Did you try to disable the HDCP everywhere you can, especially on the MGP464? We already had some trouble with this, as SD/HD SDI doesn't handle HDCP-protected content.
    For example, I'm almost certain that PS3s and DVD players always stream HDCP content, that can't be streamed through SD/HD-SDI.
    It might be a reason why you encounter those problems.

  • Hello @vbaudron,
    thanks a lot, we got it going. The problem was in Blackmagic being unable to accept any signal that was not YUV. Problem solved, and we have a nice new front end for our system!
  • I have a macbook pro connected into a DVI Extender and that DVI Extender is going into a Decklink Duo and what I get is a flashing screen when I capture the output of the macbook pro. I can see the computer fine but it is flashing. Anyone has a fix for this? Thank You
  • Hi @bryanmurillo is the resolution/framerate same as the output from the macbook?
    Is the image green/weird colors?
    If so, you may need an HDMI to SDI BATTERY converter (NOT MINI CONVERTER), as this one does colorspace conversion from RGB to YUV.
    DVI extender does not do colorspace conversion.
    Hope this helps.
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