OSC via Milliplug to Quarts Composer effects?

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i'm trying to use Milliplug to send OSC from Max to paramters of my quartz composer effects on a millumin layer.
here's how i have things set up:

but it doesn't seem to work.

any advice?



  • Hello @Batchku,

    First of all, you change param1 (blending) for "/1/record" and param7 (record) for "/2/record" : it doesn't seem right.
    Secondly, be sure you send the right value : "0" to stop recording, and "1" to start recording. Use the gear-icon and set up both the min and max values to "0" or to "1", if you want a separate OSC message to start or stop recording.

    At last, if you use OSC in Max, why using MilluPlug ? You should use directly OSC messages for Millumin.
    For example : "/millumin/layer/effect1/param7/0    1.0"   (for more information, see the doc).

    Best. Philippe
  • hello,
    the direct from max solution is working.
    the GUI in millumin for the effects does NOT update; this was making it difficult to tell if thing were working.

    on the other hand, i find layer numbering to be confusing; what happens if i take the default "layer 1" and rename it "layer 2", and then make a new layer? are the OSC layer numbers always the original creation order layers?

  • here's a followup question:
    how can i address my quartz composer parameters with OSC if the QC composition is placed in the layer in the board as opposed to being used as an effect; here's what i mean:

  • I see now; there was an error in the OSC doc, under "If the media is a Quartz patch, you can control the parameters :"

    it says:
    • /millumin/layer/media/quartz/param1 0.5
    it should say
    • /millumin/layer/media/quartz/param1/0 0.5
    so all better now.
    thanks philippe!

  • Hello @Batchku,

    Ok, I updated the OSC doc.

    To reply to to your 2 other questions :

    - for performance reasons, the GUI of the Quartz effects does not update in real time (when changing a parameter via OSC)

    - you can display the layer numbering by check the option in Preferences/Board

    Best. Philippe
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