TouchOsc how to get feedback from Millumin?

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Hello everyone,

is there is someone can help me with this?

I've created a TouchOSC layout on my iPad to control the show
would be great to get some feedback from Millumin to the TouchOSC interface, for example :

timecode of the media / column I'm currently playing
current column selected

I understand there is a /millumin/ping , but I could not understand how to setup / use in TouchOSC

is that possible to do what I'm trying?

any help will be much appreciated!


  • Hello @dstry,

    Did you follow the tutorial ? First, be sure it works with the official Millumin templates, and train yourself to understand how these templates work with Millumin.
    Then, please read the OSC documentation to know what messages TouchOSC can receive from Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @millumin,

    thanks I finally got it.

    one more question : is there an OSC command for pause the media, I could not find it

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    i tried the command

    /millumin/layer/media/speed = 0 ( pause )
    /millumin/layer/media/speed = 100 ( play )

    but that only work inside a composition.

    what if I wanna pause the dashboard? what if I wanna replicate the pause button ( see image below )


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    Hello @dstry,

    To pause/unpause a media, yes, you can use the "/millumin/layer/media/speed" message.
    It works both in the dashboard and in compositions.
    Be sure to precise which layer is the target. Examples :
    • "/millumin/layer/media/speed/0" means the selected layer is the target
    • "/millumin/layer/media/speed/1" means the first layer is the target
    • "/millumin/layer/media/speed/2" means the second layer is the target, ...
    • you can display the index of the layer (see Preferences/Boards)

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @Millumin
    on touchOSC I create 2 buttons to pause the dashboard: 

    • /millumin/layer/media/speed/1 from 0 to 0 for the pause 
    • /millumin/layer/media/speed/1 from 100 to 100 for the play 

    but nothing happen 
     I also tried with the /millumin/layer/media/speed/0 

    but result is always the same, am I doing something wrong? 

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    Hello @dstry,

    The OSC message are correct. Please attach your template.
    Be sure you followed this tutorial, and everything is working with the "TouchMillumin" template.
    Another check : use MilluPlug to create 2 "keyboard" plugs that set the speed to 0% or 100%.

    Let me know the result.
    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @Millumin,

    I followed the tutorial and used the template, everything is working, except the speed control

    I made also the millplug keyboard plugs, but no luck
    for check i've tried to control opacity and that is working

    I don't know if that is related, i traced the OSC messages coming from millumin and that is what I always get ( both when the media is playing or not ):

    OSC : 'millumin'layer/media/speed/0' 0.000000
    OSC : 'millumin'layer/media/speed/1' 0.000000

    do you have other suggestion? or test I can do?


  • Hello @dstry,

    There is an error in the OSC message : it shouldnt be "millumin'layer/media/speed/0" but "/millumin/layer/media/speed/0"
    I tested the "TouchMillumin" template on a iPad (Millumin running on Mavericks) and everything is all right :
    • the speed can be controlled in the "Media" page
    • the OSC message are correctly "/millumin/layer/media/speed/XXX" (I tested via MilluPlug's console)

    Please check in your template that you didn't copy-paste special char (such as Japanese ones).
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Millumin,

    that error was my typing error, sorry about that.

    I used the ipad Interface and is working until I put directly a movie into the column ( i can pause the movie ), but in my case I'm using 1 composition on each column and in that case the command is not working

  • Hello @dstry,

    There is no "speed" for the composition : this parameter is only available for movies.
    The only solution is to render your composition to a movie file.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @Millumin,

    this for me at the moment is a great limitation.

    do you think this parameter will be available in the future?

    Because I can pause the composition directly from millumin.

    And I cannot render the composition because we are in the middle of the rehearsal of a show, and the contents are almost constantly changing every day...

    the 2 computers that runs 8 video-projectors are in a room far from the stage, so I made a controller on the iPad to run the rehearsal, but if every time that i have to stop the dancer I cannot stop/restart the movie, it's really too inconvenient 

    the structure of the show and the mapping surface is too complicated for me to consider to put every media in the column.

    so can you suggest any solution?
  • Hello @dstry,

    You can use TouchOSC's MIDI Bridge (please read TouchOSC's documentation to learn how to use it) to create a general-pause.
    Once installed, use the "MidiPause" template attached to this message, and MIDI-map this template to the general-pause button in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
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