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Hi Philippe,

I've the following problem : i want to display a media in pause, and then, in the next column, to play it.
I've tried two solution :
> Column 1 : speed @0, and column 2 : speed @100
> Column 1 : media end at 00:00:003 / column 2 : media start at 00:00:003
In the both way there is a little stuttering (blinking) when i'm launching column 2. The stuttering is not always here. In most of time, there is one, but sometime, not.

I've also tried to put a very little transition time, but it's not ok.

What is the best solution to avoid this ?
I know i can use composition, but its a little boring to not be able to pause a media !

My media are in photojpeg, 250x630px, 15Mo. I'm using mapping.
i'm running the last version of millumin on 10.9.1 with the last best macbookpro (2.3GHZ i7, Geforce GT 750M 2048Mo, SSD, 16go RAM) with nothing expect millumin install on it !

Is the a solution ?
Thanks a lot !


  • Hello @benjamin,

    This stuttering, while it's not pleasing, is technically normal :
    - if the movie starts at 0 second, the first video-frame is instantaneously loaded
    - if the movie starts later, a very short time is needed to find the right video-frame (the stuttering)

    In other words, Millumin automatically preloads movies, including the first video-frame : so everything starts in a snap. But when the "starting point" of the movie isn't at 0 second, it takes some milliseconds to find this "starting point".

    A technical solution could be to preload the movie, and take in consideration this "starting point", but it requires some deep refactoring in the rendering-engine. We're working on it, but it won't be ready soon. I'm sorry.

    So now, the best solution is to create 2 separate movies, or use the "pause" button of the dashboard.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Benjamin,

    If it is always the same frame that you want to show, maybe you can export the frame to a still?
    then show the still in column 1 and the movie file in column 2?


  • Hi Philippe, 
    Thanks for your explanation about the technique. Is it what you call "smart preload" or something like that ?

    I'm sorry but, with starting point at 0, there is still a little stuttering. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes not.
    Even i reboot my machin to clear Ram and Vram.
    I've also tried with a still image as says Sander. It is not really better. 

    Any other solution ?
    Thanks a lot,

  • Hello @benjamin,

    Yes, this is smart preload.
    However, I'm not sure to understand your problem : the tests I ran were ok.
    Maybe this is a very rare case : could you send a minimal project (just the MILLU file) on ? Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
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    In fact, the problem was the following :
    - Benjamin replaced some media
    - the duration of the replaced media was different than the original ones
    - so the "start" and "end" point of the movie were changed
    - so Millumin had to update the movie when starting it (it takes some milliseconds)

    The solution was to reset the "start" and "end" point of the movies. Then everything becomes ok.
    Now there is a recommandation to advise about this (pleae click on "Optimize" button).

    Best. Philippe
  • Helle,

    Thanks a lot again for explanation and intermediate version to find the solution.
    Very nice support !
    The show must go on, and with millumin, thank you !

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