Bug 1.44 / Feather mask

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Hi Philippe,

Since i've updated the lastest version (1.44), feather for mask is not working. 
With the 1.42 version and the same project : no problem
Is it an option to now activate in preferences?
Or maybe it's a bug ?

I'm working on a play, and the premiere is on ten day. I hope it could be ok to find a solution!

Thanks a lot for all work.


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    Hello @benjamin,

    Since OSX Mavericks 10.9.1, Apple made a small change in OpenGL shaders : it broke the "feather" for mask. Other OSX are not affected.
    The issue has been fixed, and will published in the next update.

    Please send an email if it's urgent.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @philippe,

    Works perfectly with this intermediate version.
    Thanks you very beaucoup!
    Best. Benjamin
  • I have the same problem! What do you do @benjamin?
  • Hello @Bioritmo,

    Send us an email : contact@millumin.com
    I will send you back an intermediate version. An official update will be pushed this week.

    Best. Philippe
  • Work perfectly now on 10.9.1 with the last version. 
  • Thanks Phillipe!!! I´m Roberto Montiel from México..
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