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Hi every one,

I'm looking for a way to trigger shutter from millumin, directly from the dashboard.
I control interne shutter of a videoprojector, via network and with the help of Projector Midi Remote.

I use Milluplug to control Projector Midi Remote.

But, i cant find a way to trigger midi message directly from the dashboard. I'am working on a play on wich shutter will be open or closed often, and i want to be able to write it in the dash board.
Like : when i'm play the column, shutter open and the media goes on.

I've made some try with composition to do this, it is working, its working, but it's a little bit boring...
That why i want to know if other user have another solution!

Thanks a lot !


  • Hello @benjamin,

    You can set up MilluPlug, so when "a column XXX is launched", then "a MIDI message is sent".
    It gonna work with ProjectorMidiRemote.

    If shutter and media are starting at different time, you'd need to create 2 separate columns.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe, and thanks for your answer.

    I've seen "when a column XXX is launched", but my aim is to update it dynamically : i'm during the rehearsal, so the number of column is not fixed, because the number of cues is not fixed.
    And i dont want to have to go in milluplug to change the number of the column witch will be close my shutter ...
    Thats why i was looking for a system in the dashboard where i can move the "media shutter" in another column when i decided to add or remove a column, to change cues order, or whatever it can append during rehearsal...
    Is there another solution ?

    Otherwise, i will use a special composition for shutter.

    One more question :
    Is it possible to reorder board ? They are classified by order of creation, not numerically or alphabetical. I would like to use "Go on to next board" fonction, but my board are actually not in the good order...

    Thanks again!

  • And also, with the column solution what about different board ?
    If i have defined that column 13 closed my shutter in board one, what happened if i go to the board two on column 13 ?

    Thanks again!
  • Hello @benjamin,

    Sorry, the best workaround is indeed to create a small composition to trigger MIDI to your shutter.
    You can also code your own mini-application and use the OSC message "/millumin/action/launchOrStopColumnWithName"

    To reply to your 2 other questions :
    - no, you cannot reorder the board
    - yes, even if you change the board, the MilluPlug will still react to column 13

    If you need some new features, please create ideas on Uservoice.
    Best. Philippe
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