Problem with opacity through Syphon

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I have a project with two screens running with a Triplehead. Sometimes both the screens will show the same clip, sometimes it won't. If I use the same clip in both layers (1 layer for each screen), they are not synced because the files are not preloaded. 

I found a workaround to get both screens in sync by using the Syphon output. Layer 2 is showing the video clips, layer 1 is showing de Syphon output of screen 1. 

But now I have another problem. When changing the opacity of layer 2, the opacity in the syphon output is changing differently. When the opacity of layer 2 is about 25%, the visual opacity of the layer with syphon output is already 0%. How can I get the same result on both screens, with use of a syphon output.



  • Hello @Maarten,

    In fact you don't need to duplicate your layer with the same media, or use Syphon output.
    There is a much simplier solution !

    Please use a "copy layer" to perfectly copy the content from one layer, to another one (in the menubar, click on "Layer" then "New Copy layer", or directly in the triangle-icon on the bottom-left corner).
    Watch this tutorial for more informations.

    Best. Philippe
  • Tnx Philippe for the easier solution.

    As a note to my first post: The 'opacity problem' only occurs when starting a column from black. When fading between columns via an effect, the problem won't occur. 

    Tnx again!
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