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We are a company developing content for a "discovery centre" in Ontario, Canada. We're based in Toronto.

We have a need for a themed elevator experience.

The concept is that an LCD panel (or perhaps several) will be mounted in the elevator. The elevator control system will send commands to a playback engine that will play back 3D animated video (and accompanying audio) simulating a window on the "trip" the elevator is taking. The system needs to be bale to handle multiple types of trips (stopping on intermediate floors, going up, going down, long trips, shorter trips). We have a plan for handling trip variations but it would involve layering a video stream with an alpha channel in real time over a second video stream "underneath" the first.

We're looking for someone who can handle the video/audio playback engine and the interface between the playback computer and the elevator control system.

Reply either to this message or via PM. Thanks!


  • Hello @smg669,

    You can send me the details (description, dates, deadlines, salary, ...) via email to
    I'll do my best to send you some contact from Toronto.

    Best. Philippe
  • I'm in upstate New York, and previously lived and worked 3 years in TO. I've been doing this kind of (experimental, unique) work for well over 20 years around North America. I'd be interested to discuss it.
  • All right, so @smg669, please contact @Tryll that's already interested in your project !
    You can send him a private message via this forum. I leave you discuss now ...
    Bye. Philippe
  • My company is in Houston Texas, but we do video and multimedia work for clients the world over. I would be happy to look at your project, make recommendations, and determine if it is a good fit for our skills. You can see our work at and contact me there or through this site if you are interested.
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