Suggestions - 4 projectors: double stacked & Edge Blend

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I am coming into an installations and trying to make a recommendation for improvements.
We have 4 projectors which are set up with two stacked pairs for improved brightness per side then edge blended together along the centre seam. 
Right now it is a night mare to blend them with the basic 10% blend box that is installed.  
We are using a MacPro tower and am looking to get another video card to give me the 4 outputs.
I am thinking of installing Millumin regardless to handle the content management but I am not sure if I will be able to manage each output to stance an blend.

Any Suggestions would be helpful here.


  • Hello @cmontour,

    As you're using only 2 different outputs, you don't need 4 outputs on your MacPro : you should rather use a DVI splitter. Here is an example, but there is a lot of model, and you should ask the manufacturer if you're not sure.
    Then Millumin will do the soft-edge job.

    If you cannot use a splitter, you can use a MacPro with 4 outputs and 2 instances of Millumin :
    - one to manage content and soft-edge
    - one to manage the 4 outputs with the duplication
    Please read this tutorial to know more about using 2 instances of Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
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