Camera in Millumin

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I'm looking for some way to have a camera input in millumin.
Is this soft working with camera from AVT, or PointGrey ?
Can it handle gigE or IIDC protocol ?
I expecting to be able to control parameters of camera (contast, focus,...)

Or maybe, there is some way to control camera with blackmagic. Do you have some cam reference ?
In my case, the cam is on stage, the mac in regie, so the is around 50m between cam and mac.

Thanks for your lighting!


  • Hello @benjamin,

    I don't think you can control focus or contrast with a Gige camera : it's only for the video feed.
    IIt's possible with an IIDC camera, and there is a patch for Max. But the protocol could depends a lot on the manufacturer ...

    I've been using a Gige infrared camera (DMK 23GV024) on Mac, but I had to compile some opensource drivers myself.
    Not the best solution, but the big advantage of Gige, is that it uses Ethernet very long cable.

    Best. Philippe
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