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I'm looking for some way to have a camera input in millumin.
Is this soft working with camera from AVT, or PointGrey ?
Can it handle gigE or IIDC protocol ?
I expecting to be able to control parameters of camera (contast, focus,...)

Or maybe, there is some way to control camera with blackmagic. Do you have some cam reference ?
In my case, the cam is on stage, the mac in regie, so the is around 50m between cam and mac.

Thanks for your lighting!


  • Hello @benjamin,

    I don't think you can control focus or contrast with a Gige camera : it's only for the video feed.
    IIt's possible with an IIDC camera, and there is a patch for Max. But the protocol could depends a lot on the manufacturer ...

    I've been using a Gige infrared camera (DMK 23GV024) on Mac, but I had to compile some opensource drivers myself.
    Not the best solution, but the big advantage of Gige, is that it uses Ethernet very long cable.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Philippe and all Millumin users and team !

    Been a long time since I last used Millumin, and I'm re-opening this old thread since I'll be using a GigE camera (DBK 33GX462) bought at theimagingsource for the new project I'm working on.

    I've upgraded to Millumin 4, and the GigE camera is listed on my input sources, but image remains black. It works fine on windows, but since theimagingsource doesn't offer driver or software for Mac, I am wondering if you could help me getting it working ?

    Any advice or tutorial would be very welcome !

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hello @eMTv,

    What format did you choose for the output of your camera ?

    Millumin only supports mono 8-bit and mono 16-bit formats for the moment. We might add some more formats (especially color ones) in the next months, but nothing 100% sure.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe @Millumin,

    thanks for your reply, but the thing is, I don't know any GigE control Mac software, since theimagingsource only provides one for Windows systems (IC Capture). I've found the Aravis Project vision library on github, is that what you're using to access camera control ?

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    Hello @eMTv,

    What format are available in Millumin ? Do you have mono8 ou mono16 ?

    In the image below, there are formats supported by Millumin and some are not ("bayer" and "rgb"), see my previous message.

    In brief, you need your camera to support mono8 ou mono16 format. Else, it won't work.

    Please keep in mind that GiGE cameras are not an official feature of Millumin. We just discussed about it on the forum, but there is no mention on Millumin's website or in our help center. This is a "secret" feature, working as it is.

    However, we might work on GiGE support this year, to support more formats. If this becomes mature enough, we'll make it an official feature of Millumin.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe,

    you're right : these mono8 and mono16 options don't show up in my camera format dropdown in Millumin.

    I'll try to find a workaround with another sfotware for now, then.

    Thanks !

  • Hello @eMTv,

    What format are listed in Millumin ?

    We might support one of them soon.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe @Millumin ,

    here is the list of formats available for my GigE cam in Millumin.

    Thanks for looking into it.



  • Hello @eMTv,

    For info, we published a beta version that supports more color formats as well as multiple GigE cameras. Could you test it with your own camera ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Philippe and the whole @Millumin team,

    That's great news, I will test the beta today !!

    For your information, in the meantime I've been using the following workaround :

    • install Aravis driver, tools and viewer
    • open Aravis viewer to display my GigE cam input (format YUV422_8 is the only one working)
    • use window capture input in Millumin to display the GigE cam input image in Aravis

    Not very clean process but it does the job ;)

  • So I tried the beta 4.17a and still don't get any image with YUV422_8 format (but the canvas remains empty / transparent whereas with the other color modes I get the red "unsupported format")

  • Hello @eMTv,

    Could you try with beta 4.17.b ?

    This should not fix your issue, but more info will be displayed if the format cannot be decoded. Then, depending on the result, I may contact you to dig this further.

    Best. Philippe

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