Use several outputs as independant displays / dashboard with independant outputs

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Dear all,
I wonder if anyone did encounter my need, and have his own solution...
For some projects, I can have the need of 2,3 or more outputs, but with independent treatment.
I mean, layers placed on the first left screen, and others on the others. I can already do that, but if one media is zoomed, turned, ot too large on one outputs, it will also appear on the other outputs.
I can deal with it with compositions and precisely tuned slices, but how can I do if I have to do everything live directly from the Dashboard, as the defined slice will be turned and zoomed dependently of the media?
I don't if I make myself crystal clear, and you're free to make me know if I don't ;-)
Moreover, couldn't it be a good option to be able to separate the different outputs as independant "parts of the dashboard" instead of a global wide display, when needed?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and ideas ;-)



  • Hello @vbaudron and @benjamin,

    I understand. What you want, is independant spaces for every screens.
    It's something that my company currently is studying closely. But to be honnest, if it come, it won't be in the next months, as it's a big feature.

    In the mean time, you could run 2 instances of Millumin : the first one gives its videoframes to the second one via Syphon (use "Toggle Syphon Out" from the menubar). It's very peformance efficient, as it doesn't consume a lot of ressources.
    That way, you can have 2 levels of spaces : one (first instance) for the content, and one (second instance) for the screens. On each level, you can freely apply masks, mapping, effects, ...

    Hope it'd help.
    Best. Philippe

  • Dear Philippe,

    Thanks for your solution, it can be some kind of bypass for some applications, not for all, but at least we have something ;-)

    Have a good day,

  • Philippe,

    How about the ability to assign layers and layer copies to different outputs? That would allow the use of maps and masks to control what goes onto every output regardless of overlaping images.
  • Hello @fob67cry,

    If I understand, you're talking about independent screens, and the ability to assign a layer exclusively to one or another screen.
    This is something we're thinking about, but nothing cannot be announced as now. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
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