Maximum Still resolution

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I was just wondering why stills over 4096px cannot be imported into millumin.  I have some assets for a slow panning layered background that I was looking to recreate in millumin for a panoramic screen rather than render out a 10+GB prores video from after effects, they are around 4700px wide and would not import, after some testing I determined nothing over 4096px wide would import.  Is there a reason for this limitation or is it arbitrary?  Also there should probably be some sort of message telling the user why the media is not accepted by millumin rather than nothing happening when you try to import unsupported media over 4096px.


  • Hello @swcreative,

    It looks like a graphic card limitation : what's your graphic card ?
    Indeed, graphic card have texture size limitation, usually 4096 or 8192 pixels, or even 16384 (for example on MacBookPro Retina).

    Why does it work in Photoshop or After Effects : because these softwares splits the textures in many parts, but it slows down the rendering.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I noted to notify the user when the image is too big
  • thanks for noting that addition.  I am designing a show on an older mac pro with a x1900xt 512mb so yeah I guess that is my limitation, we will be playing off a retina so maybe I will move my show designing to that machine.
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