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Hello. Can someone tell me how to program a Chase Effect or Strobe program? Essentially, I want various lights in different colors to do fun things with just one cue. This question has probably been asked or answered somewhere already. In that case, I would appreciate a link to it. Or is there a tutorial available for this? Thank you!!!


  • Hello @TheaterderMitte,

    Why not using a timeline to do so ?

    Best. Philippe

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    Thank you @Millumin ! Yes, that's a very good idea. But is it possible to link the timeline to the light layer? So, for example, that I jump to the timeline at light cue 27, where the lights do lots of colorful things and then I switch to light cue 28. Do you know what I mean? If you could do that, you could (I think) program a real theater show for lights.

    Thank you!

  • Hello @TheaterderMitte,

    You can import such a timeline inside the dashboard, so you could execute the "chase" when needed.

    Please note that if a timeline embed in the dashboard has conflicts with a state transition (because both try to control the same light with a light-layer for example), HTP (Highest Takes Precedence) will be applied : this is always the highest DMX value that will be sent.

    More info in this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • @Millumin Oh wow!!! This is really great!!!!! I love this program!! It is very intuitive.

    Now I have one more question: Do you have a tutorial oder sheet how to create new fixture for the Open-Fixture-Libary? Because I cant'f find all the lights I am using and for me it is not that easy to create a new fixture.

    Thank you!!

  • Sorry, we do not have such a tutorial. You might ask Open-Fixture-Libary for such a tutorial, as it could be interesting for everyone in the community using this standard.

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