Best MacPro to play 6 video streams with Millumin?

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Hi folks!
Is there a version of a Mac Pro better than another to run Millumin?
And what is the best videocard to plug inside the MacPro in order to play up to 6 video streams through 2 TripleHeads in output?


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    Hello @perugina,

    Matrox doesn't support officially
    multiple TripleHead on the same computer, but it should work as it's
    confirmed by many users on this thread.

    The best graphic card for Mac Pro by now, is probably the GeForce GTX 680.

    You can compare absolute performances here. Here are the scores :
    • GeForce GTX 680   :  5,705

    • Radeon HD 7950     :  4,616

    • Quadro K5000         :  3,953

    • Quadro K4000         :  2,780

    • GeForce GT 650M   :  1,290
      (MacBookPro Retina graphic card, here is a test with Millumin)

    You can find an article here with graphic cards compatible for MacPro.

    Best. Philippe
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