how many beamers?

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i like to hang 6 beamers (with softedge) on Millumin.
is that possible in the future?
or is it already there?
my max is 3 now, but planning the Retina macbook pro with 2x tripplehead to go DP on the both thunder-port's.

it works already whit two tripplehead's Dp on the thunderboltpoorts i have seen it.




  • Hello @vincentlublink,

    Yes it's totally possible : I got a Retina too, and you can use your 2 thunderbolt ports to plug 2 triplehead.
    In Millumin, just create 6 screens instead of 3, and assign the first 3 screens to your first triplehead, and the 3 other screens to your second one.

    Best. Philippe.
  • Just if you plan to use six Full HD beamers and you create 11 520 x 1080 stage and put on it six FULL HD videos (or something like this) you will not be able to make it without dropping frames (even on very powerful Mac)

    If you are fine with lower resolution for output to each monitor you will be for sure fine. I will be testing my MacBook Retina with Tripple head DP + HDMI output and has 4 HD or maybe FULL HD output. I will let you know if I find some limitation.

  • Thanx @lukas. However, you cannot go up to 8192 for the moment (so you cannot test 11520 resolution).
    But next update will remove this limitation.

    I tested on my MBP Retina in such a resolution :
    • with 2 videos 6400x720 (Photo-JPEG) : play without dropping frames
    • with 6 video full-HD (Photo-JPEG) : play  around between 12 and 15fps.
    And I'm just adding that graphic card are limitated in resolution. For example :
    • GeForce GT 650M (Retina) : 16384 x 16384 pixels
    • GeForce 320M (MBP 2010) : 8192 x 8192 pixels

  • Hello,
    Can you please help for Macbook Pro Retina with 2 triplehead2go setup. Any chance to share more information such as assigning 3 screens to 1 tripehead2go and assigning other 3 to 1.
  • Hello @ranadol,

    As said in my first message, you can do it :
    1. Plug your 2 TripleHead
    2. Open the Output popup
    3. Change the resolution to 3840 x 480 for example
    4. Change the number of screens to 6
    5. Assign the first 3 screens to your first TripleHead
    6. Assign the other 3 screens to your second TripleHead

    Does it reply to your question ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,
    I used screens to 6 1024x768, 2 triplehead DP 
  • Hello,

    A few months ago I had the opportunity to create visuals for a 360 projection created with 18 beamers with a resolution of 14544 x 768 pixels. The company used Watchout to make this work.

    Is this kind of setup possible with Millumin when using a descent workstation filled with a few videocards connected to some TH2G's? (I guess the resolution barrier mentioned in the November post has been updated in the meantime :-)

  • Hello @echelon,

    Yes, the max resolution is now 16384x16384.
    A few months ago, I also added the ability to blend the first and last screen (far left edge / far right edge), so you can perform 360° soft-edge.

    Moreover, today will come a very big update (as a beta version), including some new features for screen management (shift/rotate/scale).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello

    I want to know if it´s possible to connect up 6 beamers in one mac book pro (no retina) i only have one mini port output, or in a mac book pro with 2 video cards, please help me!!
  • Hello @Rich,

    Sorry but it's not possible to connect 6 beamers on a MacBook Pro (unless it's Retina).
    Even with an USB-to-DVI and a TripleHead, it's impossible to get 6 outputs. Moreover, 6 beamers means a very big global resolution, so it could be very hard for your computer to deal with it.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the response Philippe, another question, In a Mac Pro with 2 video cards, one ATI 5770 and another ATI 5870, it´s possible to get 6 outputs?And what resolution do you recommend?

  • Hello @Rich,

    According to Apple, you can use 3 outputs per graphic card.
    Please read this note from Apple, and choose your configuration. You'll need adaptater for Mini DisplayPort.

    I think the best resolution should be fullHD (1920x1080) on every output, as it's a standard. But it really depends on your needs.

    Best. Philippe
  • i would like to post a question.

    my setup used today was 
    1 TH2G (digital model with dvi or vga input) on my macbook pro retina 2.6ghz 8gb ram model.

    I mapped 3 led screens using TH2G with the DVI outputs.
    screen resolution was 15500 x 3800 

    i started noticing my laptop lag and cursor was moving slow, system was responding slow. A couple of times the system automatically rebooted or got errors.. any particular reason as to why this happened ??

    now even without my TH2G not connected when i open that show file my system is responding slow ???

    pls help
  • Hello @Arveen,

    First of all : Millumin is just a software, so it cannot hurt your computer, and cannot even make it reboot.

    A possible reason for a freeze or a reboot is : the graphic card went too hot and shut down (don't cover keyboard and be careful if the environment is hot). Or computer went too hot is general.
    The resolution 15500x3800 is very huge, and even Apple barely knows how
    the graphic card can handle this (maybe this is the reason why the
    graphic card went too hot).
    It could be also a bug on OSX kernel, but I doubt about it.

    Possible treatment : reset PRAM, repair permissions, or simply call Apple (they are very responsive).
    If you think the problem comes from the TH2G, please write to Matrox support.

    I'm sorry but I cannot help you futher. Philippe.
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