DATAPATH FX4 HDR and 3 1920x1200px projectors.

Hello everyone,

I use several DATAPATH FX4 HDR and a 2022 Mac Studio M1 Max with 3 PANASONIC PT-VWZ51 1920x1200px projectors per Datapath.

Mac OS recognizes this resolution, but in Millumin, the 3 Datapath outputs are 1920x1080.

Does anyone know if this can be solved?


  • Hello @FrancoisB,

    Millumin lists exactly the displays defined in macOS System Preferences.

    Is the resolution ok in macOS System Preferences / Displays ? It should be 3840x2160 for each Datapath FX4.

    If the problem persists, be sure to plug only one FX4 and check the behavior.

    Best. Philippe

  • Mac os recognizes 3840x2160px resolution.

    My 3 projectors each indicate a 1920x1200px input but in Millumin, I have the choice between a Full 3820x1200px resolution and four 1920x1080px outputs but I cannot choose three 1920x1200px outputs.

    Best, François

  • Hello @FrancoisB,

    This looks the expected behavior : in Wall Designer, you set the input resolution of your FX4 to 3840x2160 and the resolution for each 4 outputs to 1920x1200.

    However, from the computer point-of-view, only the input resolution matters. Indeed, it cannot guess that the FX4 is splitting 3840x2160 into 4x 1920x1200 outputs.

    A solution would be to set an input resolution of 3840x2400 in Wall Designer.

    Best. Philippe

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